Simon Harper

Professor of Computer Science

University of Manchester (Computer Science)


My work is centred on understanding, predicting and influencing a user’s behaviour in the real-world and through interfaces and information, while taking into account cognitive, behavioural, perceptual and technological factors. My contributions lie in the development of adaptive user models of extreme users and/or extreme environments. Current work involves longitudinally sensing Parkinson’s Disease progression in the wild collaborating with Docobo (SME); and, on the Sentient Tracking Of Parkinson’s project (funded by the Academy of Finland ICT 2023 programme) Along with the University of Oulu Medical Faculty (Dr. Jani Katisko), Carnegie Mellon University (Prof. Anind Dey, Julian Ramos), and the University of Oulu (Prof. Denzil Ferreira). I am also working on coversational interfaces for people with mental health conditions (funded by the EPSRC). In addition, I am a named investigator on the EPSRC - NIHR HTC Partnership Award: Partnership with the MindTech HTC; and I currently lead the NeuroD Network via an EPSRC Connect Health Grant.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Information Retrieval


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2001

    University of Manchester

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